Two players lead the Cyprus Closed Chess Championship

Mark Bryan

Mark Bryan

FIDE Instructor | FIDE Arbiter

As in the first round of the Cyprus Closed Chess Championship 2020 we had three wins and two draws. FM Paris Klerides and CM Panikos Savva are now at 2/2.

Cyprus Closed Chess Championship 2020
Standings (After 2 Rounds)

Rank Title Name ELO Club Points
Paris Klerides
Larnaca Chess Club
Panikos Savva
Nicosia Chess Club
Pavlos Constantinou
Larnaca Chess Club

Complete standings can be found here>>

Marios Savva 0-1 CM Panikos Savva

Marios Savva came out of the opening with the advantage of the two bishops. On move 20 he exchanged a pair of bishops which allowed CM Panikos Savva to equalize. On move 26 Marios Savva over extended with f4 which gave CM Panikos Savva an advantage which he duly converted to a full point.

Christianna Markidou 0-1 AIM Andreas Hadjinicolaou

Christianna Markidou seems to be out of shape at the Cyprus Closed Chess Championship 2020 as she started with two losses. AIM Andreas Hadjinicolaou sacrificed a rook which was dubious but paid off as Christianna Markidou was unable to find the refutation and lost in the end.

CM Pavlos Constantinou 1/2-1/2 Michalis Florentiades

A rather uneventful game was played between CM Pavlos Constantinou and Michalis Florentiades. CM Pavlos Constantinou held a slight advantage throughout the game but Michalis Florentiades defended well and a draw was agreed after forty two moves. This draw gives Michalis Florentiades a good start (1/2) and CM Pavlos Constantinou an even better start (1.5/2).

CM Ioannis Damianou 1/2-1/2 Alexandros Isaakidis

CM Ioannis Damianou and Alexandros Isaakidis are the top two seeds of the Cyprus Closed Chess Championship 2020 faced each other in the second round. A Sicilian Maroczy Bind showed up on the board where White had a very tiny advantage if any. Alexandros Isaakides blundered on his 20th move, giving CM Ioannis Damianou a winning advantage. CM Ioannis Damianou was very close to winning until his 38th move where he made an inaccuracy which forced him to go into a three-fold repetition. 

Fivos Kourouyiannis 0-1 FM Paris Klerides

FM Paris Klerides seems to be motivated after his first round victory against AIM Andreas Hadjinicolaou. Both players hungry for a victory gave us an interesting game with one of the most aggressive openings King’s Indian Defence Averbakh Variation. Fivos Kourouyiannis had a slight advantage in the opening which FM Paris Klerides manages to equalize. On move 28 Fivos Kourouyiannis went all in with 28. f4? which was a mistake that FM Paris Klerides punished and in the end eventually won the game.

Round 3 Pairings

Michalis Florentiades - Fivos Kourouyiannis

They have played previously three times. Twice standard games which ended in a victory (Michalis as black) and a draw (Fivos as white). The other game was rapid which Michalis won as black.

Alexandros Isaakidis - CM Pavlos Constantinou

Alexandros and Pavlos have played 6 previous games with a score of 4.5-1.5 in favour of Alexandros. No games were standard. Four games were rapid which Alexandros won three (2 White and 1 Black), and 1 draw (Alexandros as black). They also played two blitz games in which Pavlos was Black with one win each.

CM Panikos Savva - CM Ioannis Damianou

Eight games have been played between Panikos and Ioannis. Ioannis as black has scored two wins (one standard and one rapid). The other games were all standard in which Ioannis was white and there he scored 3 wins, a draw, and two losses.

AIM Andreas Hadjinicolaou - Marios Savva

Only one previous game played between them with the rapid time control which Marios won with the white pieces. For two of those victories Paris was black.

FM Paris Klerides - Christianna Markidou

Three previous encounters all with the standard time control led to victories for Paris. 

You can find full pairings here>>

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