Cyprus Closed Chess Championship 2020 starts tomorrow!

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Mark Bryan

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The Cyprus Closed Chess Championship 2020 starts tomorrow! Stay up-to-date with videos, games, and reports on

Cyprus Closed Chess Championship 2020 in Larnaca!

Tomorrow at 4 P.M. the Cyprus Closed Chess Championship 2020 will kick off in Larnaca. Ten players compete in a single round robin to determine the Cyprus Chess Champion for 2020 as well as four of the five National Team Spots.

The first round will take place on Saturday, March 7th, starting at 4 P.M. The games are being played only on weekends. The final round will be played on Saturday, April 4th.

The prize fund is 500 euros. The winner gets 250 euros, second place receives 150 euros, and third place gets 100 euros.

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The participants:

CM Ioannis Damianou, Nicosia Chess Club, 2212
Alexandros Isaakidis, Paphos Chess Club, 2220
FM Paris Klerides, Larnaca Chess Club, 2106
CM Pavlos Constantinou, Larnaca Chess Club, 2102
Michalis Florentiades, O.FI.S., 2013
CM Panikos Savva, Nicosia Chess Club, 2024
Marios Savva, Paphos Chess Club, 1758
Christianna Markidou, Nicosia Chess Club, 1773
AIM Andreas Hadjinicolaou, Famagusta Chess Club, 1688
Fivos Kourouyiannis, Criton Tornaritis Chess Club, 1742

Who will win the Cyprus Closed Chess Championship 2020 title?


Larnaca is well known for its palm-tree seafront, Saint Lazarus Church, and the Hala Sultan Tekke. Larnaca is built on the ruins of ancient Citium. It is also home to Cyprus’ main airport Larnaca International Airport.

Larnaca has hosted the Cyprus Closed Chess Championship since 2015. This year we have changed venues from Golden Bay to Lordos Beach Hotel. Both are five star hotels on the Dhekelia Road. 


Round Town Date Venue
1st Round
Saturday - 14/03/2020
Lordos Beach Hotel
2nd Round
Sunday - 15/03/2020
Lordos Beach Hotel
3rd Round
Saturday - 07/03/2020
Lordos Beach Hotel
4th Round
Sunday - 08/03/2020
Lordos Beach Hotel
5th Round
Saturday - 21/03/2020
Lordos Beach Hotel
6th Round
Sunday - 22/03/2020
Lordos Beach Hotel
7th Round
Saturday - 28/03/2020
Lordos Beach Hotel
8th Round
Sunday - 29/03/2020
Lordos Beach Hotel
9th Round
Saturday - 04/04/2020
Lordos Beach Hotel

We will have round reports after each round allowing you to quickly catch up on each round’s action.

Round 1 Pairings

We are running a contest on our social media (Facebook & Instagram) pages. All you need to do is go to our social media pages and comment your predictions for each round. For each correct result you get one point. The best three in predicting results for the Cyprus Closed Chess Championship 2020 will receive a souvenir of the championship with most if not all participants autographs. Good Luck predicting!

CM Pavlos Constantinou - Fivos Kourouyiannis

CM Pavlos Constantinou

They have played previously three times. Pavlos has won all three previous encounters. Two of them were rapid (both Pavlos was white) and only one standard (Pavlos was black).

Fivos Kourouyiannis

Michalis Florentiades - CM Ioannis Damianou

Michalis Florentiades

Michalis and Ioannis have played four games previously all with standard time control. Ioannis has scored 2 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss. As White Michalis has so far registered a loss. As Black he has one win, one draw, and one loss.

CM Ioannis Damianou

Alexandros Isaakidis - Marios Savva

Alexandros Isaakidis

Alexandros has won all previous five encounters. They were all played with faster time controls. Alexandros was once white in rapid, three times black in rapid, and in blitz in one game black.

Marios Savva

CM Panikos Savva - Christianna Markidou

CM Panikos Savva

Panikos has also a very good plus score against Christianna. 4 wins and 2 draws. All games played were standard. 2 Wins as White. They have last played in the Cyprus Open Chess Championship where a draw was played.

Christianna Markidou

AIM Andreas Hadjinicolaou - FM Paris Klerides

AIM Andreas Hadjinicolaou

Three games played between them with two wins for Paris and one draw. The only standard game played ended in draw (was played in last year’s edition) where Paris had White. The other two games played where Rapid (Paris was also white) & Blitz (Andreas had the white pieces).

FM Paris Klerides

You can find full pairings here>>


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