Cyprus Closed Chess Championship 2020 Regulations

The Cyprus Chess Federation is proud to announce the Cyprus Closed Chess Championship which will take place in Larnaca from 7 March until 4 April 2020.



The Cyprus Chess Federation is proud to announce the Cyprus Closed Chess Championship which will take place from 7 March until 4 April 2020, using the 10 player round robin system.
The Championship is being held to determine the 2020 Cyprus Chess Champion, as well as four of the five places in the National Team. The tournament is FIDE Rated as well as Cyprus Rated. The National Team will take part this year in the upcoming Chess Olympiad which will take place in Moscow from 5 to 18 August 2020. Also, the Cyprus Chess Champion will have the right to participate in the Individual European Small Nations Chess Championship.


The following players have the right to participate: Cyprus Chess Champion 2019, the top four rated active Cyprus chess players in the FIDE Standard Rating List of 1 January, and the five best Cypriot chess players from the Cyprus Open Chess Championship 2020. The players are required to fulfil the requirements of the National Team Regulations. If a player declines participation in the Cyprus Closed Chess Championship 2020 their place goes to the next person inline.

List of participants can be found here>>

Schedule & Venue

Round Town Date Venue
1st Round
Saturday - 14/03/2020
Lordos Beach Hotel
2nd Round
Sunday - 15/03/2020
Lordos Beach Hotel
3rd Round
Saturday - 07/03/2020
Lordos Beach Hotel
4th Round
Sunday - 08/03/2020
Lordos Beach Hotel
5th Round
Saturday - 21/03/2020
Lordos Beach Hotel
6th Round
Sunday - 22/03/2020
Lordos Beach Hotel
7th Round
Saturday - 28/03/2020
Lordos Beach Hotel
8th Round
Sunday - 29/03/2020
Lordos Beach Hotel
9th Round
Saturday - 04/04/2020
Lordos Beach Hotel

All games start at 4 PM!

General Regulations

  1. The time control will be 90 minutes for the first 40 moves and 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an increment of 30 seconds starting from move 1.
  2. Chess players are required to record their and their opponents’ moves on the provided scoresheet.
  3. The default time has been set to 15 minutes. Players who withdraws from the Cyprus Closed Chess Championship without a serious reason, or is absent from more than one game, he will be removed from the Cyprus Closed Chess Championship and punished with a two year ban on all Cyprus Chess Federation organized events.
  4. Postponement of games are generally prohibited. Exceptions can be made in specific cases, following a timely written request and a decision taken by the Organizing Committee.
  5. Persons in the playing hall must behave in a courteous manner.
  6. Participants must be dressed accordingly to their surroundings.
  7. Participants are not allowed to leave the playing hall when it is their turn to move without the prior approval of the Chief Arbiter.
  8. The tournament will follow the Anti-Cheating Regulations set by FIDE.
  9. The tournament will take extra measures to combat cheating. 3 players may be picked each round for a full Anti-Cheating Check before and or during the game. Also games will be sent for Anti-Cheating tests.


  1. Direct Encounter
  2. Sonneborn Berger
  3. Koya
  4. Number of Wins (White & Black)
  5. Number of Wins with Black


Appeals must be written and submitted as soon as the game has ended. The appeal will be looked into by the Appeals Committee. Each appeal must be submitted with the amount of 50 Euros. The amount will be handed back if the appeal is accepted. The Appeals Committee will be decided before the first round starts. 

Organizing Committee

The Cyprus Chess Federation Board has decided that the Chief Organizer and Chief Arbiter will be the Cyprus Chess Federation’s Ratings Officer Mark Bryan.

Entry Fee

The entry fee has been set to 50 Euros. All players are required to pay the entry fee before the start of the first round otherwise the player shall be removed and replaced by the next player in line for qualification.


The top three players shall receive trophies as well as the following money prizes: 1st place 250 Euros, 2nd place 150 Euros, and 3rd place 100 Euros.


The Organizing Committee will take any decisions on matters not contained in the regulations as well as any urgent situations which may arise. The championship will be played using the FIDE regulations which govern our sport.

Official Regulations (Greek)


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Mark Bryan

Mark Bryan

FIDE Arbiter | FIDE Instructor

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